Wednesday, December 4, 2013

3rd Grade Tint/Shade Ice Cream Cones

This is a lesson that I have seen many different places.  I decided to try it out on third graders to continue on with color theory.   This was a two day lesson.  On day one we discussed these terms:
 Tints=Color + White
Shades=Color + Black
Value=One color going light to dark

Together students drew four ice creams scoops.  They then watched me create color tints using white and my chosen color.  I stressed the importance of each color looking different.  Students experimented with mixing colors and getting four different color tints.  After students finished painting the ice cream scoops they got a piece of paper for their background.  Choosing the complement color students painted their background with texture combs and "mystery colors" (Crayola "Pearl it" or "Glitter It" mixing medium.)

On day two of the lesson we review our terms and they watched a demonstration on how to mix a shade.  They painted their cone, set it aside to dry, and began to cut and glue their ice cream cone together to create a value scale.  When everything was glued students had the option of adding a glitter cherry.