Saturday, September 28, 2013

2nd Grade Mondrian

2nd graders learned about the artist, Piet Mondrian.  This was a great review of the primary colors.  On day one of the project we learned about Mondrian and looked at his work.  We watched this video to get us in the "Boogie Woogie" mood:

 Students then used masking tape to create squares and rectangles.
On day two of the project students used the primary colors: red, yellow, and blue to paint the squares and rectangles.  On day three of the project students used primary colored construction paper squares and rectangles to add to the already painted paper.  To finish off I allowed students to use silver paint on a few spaces.

Kindergarten Flower Vases

For this project kindergartners focused on line and value.  Students were given a piece of "funky" paper to glue on to the bottom of their paper to serve as our table.  Students made the vase by tracing around a stencil. Students glued on the vase and then used a white, blue, and black crayon to give the vase a sense of realness.  Students drew three circles on a brown piece of paper and instructed to draw lines on the centers.  To finish it off students were given yellow paint and were instructed to paint short lines with their paint brush to create the petals.  The idea for this project came from a fellow art teacher and they turned out AWESOME!

3rd Grade Shoe and Crazy Sock

3rd Graders first project of the school year was a very independent project and they all turned out so well!  We discussed contour line drawings and used a shoe for our drawing.  Once students drew their shoe they were instructed to create a crazy patterned sock.  They used colored pencils for the shoe and markers for the sock.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

1st Grade Concentric Rings

1st graders learned about  Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. For the first back to school project I wanted to focus on something that could be seen as bright and cheery.  So we studied Kandisnky's painting, Squares with Concentric Rings. 

We watched this short video to get us inspired to make our own:

 Students set to work by folding their paper to make 8 squares ( 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom). They then traced a large circle in each square and added two more hand drawn circles to each square.  Students then set to work painting. They were instructed to keep their colors separate and try not to mix them, as well as two of the same colors could not be touching each other.  It took two 50 minute classes for students to finish, for this project brush control was stressed greatly.

Here are some of the results: