Thursday, October 31, 2013

5th Grade Lego Self Portraits

5th graders created these AWESOME LEGO self portraits.  The inspiration for this lesson came from a fellow art teacher.  Students started by drawing the basic lego shape thinking of the head as a rounded square, the body as a trapezoid, the legs as rectangles, and the arms as a pentagon cut in half.  After students mastered the lego form they were to go in and make it look like them. We experimented with shade and value to help bring our legos to life.

They ALL turned out so well I'm excited to share them! 

Here are just a handful of the fabulous drawings created!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

1st Grade Pumpkin Patch

1st graders made these fabulous pumpkins! We did a quick drawing with sharpie markers (no erasing) and colored in with oil pastels.  We started off with a yellow-orange, then orange, and red-orange making sure to blend and overlap the colors together.  Students used green first then brown on the stem.    Students then used a light green for the grass and went over with a dark green for the shadow.  To finish off the sky students first used a blue-violet and then went over with a light blue.
They all turned out so awesome!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kindergarten Primary/Secondary Color Scarecrows

Kindergarteners explored mixing the primary colors to create the secondary colors in this project.
I had the parts of the scarecrow traced out on 3 pieces of paper. Students painted with the primary colors to make the secondary colors.

1st Grade Primary/Secondary Color Zebras

1st graders reviewed primary and secondary colors.  Through a directed drawing we drew our Zebra's together.  Using chalk students colored in the zebra using the secondary colors and used primary colors for the background.
Teacher Example

Kindergarten Secondary Color pumpkins

With all the painted paper kindergarteners made students made a fall inspired piece.  Using the secondary color painted paper students practiced our cutting and gluing skills as well as making shapes.  The main shape we focused on was the pumpkin shape using an oval to make the form.  Students could add detail to their pumpkins with black sharpie.


Friday, October 11, 2013

4th Grade Galaxies

4th graders are studying space and the Solar System in science.  To go along with that I decided to do a space themed project. Using chalk and black paper students created their own galaxy.  We explored this website to help give us some ideas as to what our galaxy might look like. On day one of the project students created a stencil to use as an outline for the chalk on the background.  

After students had filled the page and blended the chalk.  Students were able to add some stars by using watered down silver tempera paint and doing a little splatter paint.

On the second day of the project we discussed form and asymmetrical balance.  Students then created planets with chalk on black paper that they cut out and had to arrange them using asymmetrical balance.

Here are some of the results, they are all turning out so well!


Only two students out of 125 4th graders added rings to their planets. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

2nd Grade Emotion Clowns

For this project 2nd Graders discussed emotion. Choosing an emotion students were to make a clown. We started by painting the face white and added details to our clowns with pencil.  On the second day of the project students used oil pastels to add color.  

To see this same project from last year click here.

Here are some of this years results:

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

3rd Grade Positive/Negative Shape Leaves

3rd graders explored positive and negative shapes.  We watched this video:

Students than used a 5in by 5in square to create a leaf, having it touch all four sides. Students then cut out their leaf and traced into onto a black piece of paper.  I instructed students to trace around their 7-8 times having at least 3 go off the page.  Using silver paint students painted around the leaves.  On the second day of the lesson students used oil pastels to create a pattern inside the leaf.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

6th Grade Elements of Art Wheel

6th graders started out the year reviewing all 7 Elements of Art: Line, Shape, Color, Value, Form, Space, and Texture. Using the 7 Elements students were to create a wheel showing each one in their own way.  Here are some of the results: