Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Eraser Soapbox.

Remember these?

Well, here I am at the end of week three of school.  Things certainly have not slowed down yet, the art room is in full force.  With school starting and the beginning of my quest of grad school underway I'm looking  ahead to the long weekend and can only be a little thankful to put my feet up and say "phew."

On another note, I have a serious issue at hand. Erasers.  First you need a little back story.  When I student taught (3 years ago) I had an awesome, groovy, cool cooperating teacher.  She gave me many "aha" moments and set me up to be successful as I started off on my own.  One of the biggest, but small things I took from her is she didn't have erasers out for students to use.  She was a K-5 teacher and NEVER ONCE did I hear a student complain or whine about not having an eraser.

Having an eraser seems like such a small thing to be worried about.  I see more and more students being afraid to just create and becoming more concerned about it being perfect or just right.  I always tell my students "if you make a mistake it's not a big deal just make it in to something else." I took the no eraser practice with me.  I'm in my third year at the same school,  students know I don't give out erasers, yet they still always ask.  Then they start to complain and throw a fit.  Some become wise and bring their own, which is fine if they don't leave it in my room.  AND when an eraser does get left in my room what happens?  Everybody thinks it's a good idea to poke their pencil in it and then it falls apart into a million tiny pieces crushed into the carper and who gets to pick it up?--ME.

What's your take on erasers?  Seriously, am I the only one with a vendetta towards the "E" word?

My favorite Art Professor in college taught me one of my favorite things.  When drawing or painting, even the masters left behind marks.  Evidence of the work that had been done, they weren't perfect, they didn't get it in one try.  It gave you a chance to see the history of the work, where it started and what it became.

Eraser Soapbox done.

On another note, I hope your summer was awesome.
Here's a quick photo montage of mine.
What was your best moment?