Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Street Art: Do You Think it's Rad or Does it Make You Mad?

I know that the topic of "street art" being taught in the classroom really hits some of those hot buttons for art teachers. Me personally, I'm all for it. My students love looking at it, talking about it, and they are SO engaged by it! I live in such a community where students are exposed to street art all the time whether it be a commissioned mural, street performance, or tags defacing spaces under bridges. It’s part of their culture I'm not going to fight it, I'm instead going to talk about it. First, it’s important to properly define street art. When discussing with students I break it down into two categories: Public Art and Graffiti. Public Art = Permission, Graffiti = No Permission. Some of my favorite discussions I've had with my students is the "Is Street Art Legal vs. Illegal?" The entire class gets into it and it encourages students to take a stance and voice an opinion. Sometimes it gets heated and I LOVE IT! Sometimes talking about art is just as great as making it.

Really I just want my students to understand what it is and know that it goes beyond Banksy. But nonetheless it's always going to be one of those projects that students are into because it's personal and like it or not the finished product looks cool.

This is certainly not a groundbreaking project. It's been done time and time again, but here's my version. A little stamping action with one of those yellow and green sponges makes for some nice bricks!

If you're looking to find ways to rationalize street art in your classroom check out this article that breaks down "10 Things We Can Learn From Street Artists"

1. It's Important to Take Risks
2. Give without Expecting a Return
3. Challenge the Norm
4. Be Fearless
5. Question Everything
6. Persistence Pays Off
7. Collaboration Enhances Productivity
8. Creativity is a Universal Language
9. Context is Everything
10. Life is About the Journey Not About the Destination

Street Art what do you think Rad or Bad?

P.S. See you all at NAEA 2016!