Friday, November 16, 2012

Kindergarten Claude Monet Bridge and Lily Pond

To starts this lesson we read "The Magical Garden of Claude Monet"


Julie is a happy little girl who lives in Paris, but she wishes she could walk in a country garden. Julie is pleased when her mother decides to take her to visit the most wonderful garden in the world, owned by a great friend of the family. They arrive at their destination, and for this little girl it is like walking in a dreamy world where twisting plants grow as tall as trees. When Julie's dog runs away, she asks the gardener to help find her pet, and soon she and the gardener are friends. But this amiable, bearded old man is a very unusual gardener, for not only does he cultivate his many plants, he also paints beautiful pictures of them. Julie has made a friend of the great impressionist painter, Claude Monet. Based on a true story about the daughter of another fine artist, Berthe Morisot, this charmingly illustrated picture book includes reproductions by author-illustrator Laurance Anholt of a famous waterlilies painting, which Monet completed in his garden at Giverny, a few miles from Paris.

As Claude Monet is recognized for his many paintings of lily pads check out this painting recently auctioned for 43 million dollars! We were inspired by this painting by Claude Monet in creating our work:

"The Japanese Footbridge"

We first did a step by step directed drawing of the bridge.  Students were then given gold paint to paint their bridge. Next using blue, purple, and pink chalks we practiced blending and created our water under the bridge.  Above the bridge we used greens and yellows to create our trees and shrubbery.  To add a final touch we made lily pads by using construction paper and tissue paper.

Teacher Example: 

Student Examples:

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