Tuesday, January 22, 2013

4th Grade Personified Polar Bears

For this lesson 4th graders discussed icons and what icons are.  We took a look at many iconic figures such as Albert Einstein, George Washington, The Mona Lisa, Michael Jordan etc. I showed an image and students were asked to raise their hand if they knew what the image was.  Almost every student raised their hand.  We ended with this image: 

Naturally, everyone's hand shot up because they new that these were the iconic figures used in Coca-Cola advertising.  We talked a little bit about the history, how these bears were first used in 1922 and how most people worldwide recognize them.  We then watched a montage of commercials with the polar bears.  Students were to pick out some of the unusual things they were doing that polar bears can't actually do.  Students came up with the conclusion that these polar bears were acting like humans.  

Personification: Describing objects or humans as though they have human personalities or feelings. 

For this project students were simply asked to personify their polar bear:

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