Friday, October 11, 2013

4th Grade Galaxies

4th graders are studying space and the Solar System in science.  To go along with that I decided to do a space themed project. Using chalk and black paper students created their own galaxy.  We explored this website to help give us some ideas as to what our galaxy might look like. On day one of the project students created a stencil to use as an outline for the chalk on the background.  

After students had filled the page and blended the chalk.  Students were able to add some stars by using watered down silver tempera paint and doing a little splatter paint.

On the second day of the project we discussed form and asymmetrical balance.  Students then created planets with chalk on black paper that they cut out and had to arrange them using asymmetrical balance.

Here are some of the results, they are all turning out so well!


Only two students out of 125 4th graders added rings to their planets. 


  1. This is gorgeous! LOVE the color blending!! :)

  2. These are awesome--you can tell that you love teaching art to youngsters.