Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2nd Grade Warm/Cool Color Leaves

Students explored warm and cool colors. For this lesson students went outside and found a leaf.  We came back inside and drew our leaf on a 5in square, students were instructed to have their drawing touch all four sides of the paper.  We then cut it out for a stencil and traced on a white piece of drawing paper 3-4 times (depending on how big the leaf was).  When tracing leaves students were instructed to not have leaves overlap or touch.

We then discussed warm and cool colors. Students were to choose if they were using warm or cool colors to fill in their leaves.  We did this step with crayons leaving no white spaces students could create patterns and designs in all of the leaves.  I did not make them repeat patterns if they didn't want to. 

To fill in the background students used the colors they did not use on the leaves.  Each class filled the background using different materials either using markers, crayons, or liquid watercolors.

Here are some of the results, I think it's a nice twist on a typical fall project!

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