Sunday, January 12, 2014

4th Grade Value Snowmen

I borrowed this lesson from here.  When I saw it I knew I had to try it out! Originally this was a lesson done with 2nd graders, but with my 8 day rotation this would have taken 2nd graders quite a long time to finish up so I tried it out with my 4th graders.  They took us three classes to finish.

Day 1: We discussed tints, shades, and value.  Students painted their background choosing between blue or purple. 

Day 2: Students painted the snowy ground and snowman using white, blue, and silver paints.

Day 3:  Using colored pencils students added all details to their snowmen.

Here are some of the results.  I love the simple elegance of every single one.

Basketball playing snowmen. Love it!

I had to share this one. The middle snowman is holding a taco and wearing a sombrero.  Don't you just love the way kids minds work?

Note the cougar/cheetah.

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