Friday, March 13, 2015

If Kindergarten Portraits Could Talk

Let me begin by saying Kindergarten self portraits are the best.  Not only is it fun and funny to see what the kids make, but I'm always super impressed with the final product.  If you want to know more about the process go here or here.  

While kindergarteners are drawing their self portraits the most common comment I hear behind the giggles is "Ugh, this looks creepy!"  But isn't it funny how their drawings always seem to resemble them in some way?

So in this edition of portraits I present to you: 
If Kindergarten Self Portraits Could Talk

The Mom's and Dad's:

These are pretty amazing for kindergarteners, right??! But I mean this is a sophisticated looking group. They are so put together, hair groomed, make-up faces on, and I think we might even have some freshly pressed shirts.  I know I'm only 25, but geesh these guys look like they've surpassed me in years!

The "I Have Bugs for Eyes" Kindergarteners:
Am I the only one who sees creepy, crawly insect legs coming from around their eyes?

The "Please I'm Still a Kid" Kindergarteners

These guys here are the kiddos I've come to know and probably just think I'm crazy.  But whatevs, if you're still going to be a kid, why can't I? I WANT TO BE A KID TOO (insert whiny voice here).

The Outakes:
I like to call this group the "things that don't quite go as planned."  I know we all have some bad hair days, but the top two are making me think I need to start providing combs in the art room.  And yo bro, lay off the candy...oh those are just baby teeth? Well then eat way.  Rainbow lips--where can I get me some of those?

He's Picasso and he doesn't even know it.

Hey girl, what kind of eyeliner do you use?  That looks like the good stuff.  You know the kind that looks like a sharpie marker and you never have to re-apply. Oh, it is sharpie--well then, just do your thing girl.


  1. Hahahaha! Your commentary has me cracking up! I love kindergarten portraits they are always so wacky looking and so accidentally expressive! These are awesome :)