Friday, September 28, 2012

4th Grade Rock Art

4th Graders explored the ancient world of Rock Art.  Starting with the Paleolithic people ending with the Native American Pueblo tribe.  Students explored the caves in France and the cliffs in the Southwest United States.  They loved learning about these ancient peoples and looking at the way they lived their life.  We talked about how these people did not have a written language and creating art was a way for them to communicate and tell us their history. Our main focus was on animals because they were so important to these people.  Students chose an animal and made a pictograph on their rock-like paper using oil pastels.  Students also were able to use a hint of gold paint to add a more modern look.

Important terms we discussed:
Petroglyph- Carving into rock
Pictograph- Painting on a rock
Paleolithic- Stone Age

Examples of Cave Art in France:
To take a virtual tour click here.


We took a look at this book when doing this lesson.

Teacher Example:

Student Examples:

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