Sunday, October 21, 2012

6th Grade Form & Value Sports Balls

6th Graders are learning about form and the 6 types of light that help show form: Highlight, Light, Shadow, Core of Shadow, Cast Shadow, and Reflected Light.

To put their knowledge to work students will select a sports ball of their choice (football, basketball, volleyball etc.) to show form and the 6 different types of light.  The goal of the students is to make a 2D  object look 3D.  Students used oil pastel to achieve this, blending them very carefully together.  Students were instructed to fill the background either with a pattern, solid color, or they could go along with the sport theme they chose. 

Teacher Example:

Student Examples:

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  1. How nice to see a common theme with so many different possibilities as outcomes, not a one looks the same.