Sunday, December 15, 2013

5th Grade Still Life Realism Vs. Abstraction

For this lesson 5th graders discussed many important art concepts.  The idea for this lesson came from here with a few changes.  We started off the lesson by talking about and looking at different still life examples ending this portion by looking at photorealism.  A great focus for this lesson was on value and how value can give the illusion of 3D objects on a 2D surface to make shapes look real.  Before we started our projects students used this value worksheet to help us understand the concept a little more.  

Together students did a directed drawing of a cone, cube, sphere, and cylinder.  While drawing we discussed composition and how we could arrange the objects to look visually interesting on our page.  I told students that they could keep the forms they way we drew them together or if they would like to change their objects into something else they could.  For instance, I gave the example of changing the sphere into an apple or the cylinder into a soda can.  Most students left the objects as they were or changed just 1-2 objects.  Using drawing pencils and tortillions students shading in the objects using their value worksheet as a reference. 

As a final step students were to create a patterned abstract background using one color of marker.

  I love the results and the change from a traditional still life/shading lesson!

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