Wednesday, February 12, 2014

3rd Grade Owl Batik

This was kind of a long project for third graders, but it was quite the hoot (insert drum roll here).  This was about a 4-5 day project deepening on the class. 
1st day draw the owl.

2nd day use crayons to color in owl (PRESS HARD)
3rd Day watch batik demo (crumpling paper 8 times and going over with water down black tempera paint). Finish coloring with crayon and doing batik process.
4th day students were to have batik done and we did a directed painting for the background.
5th day add branch glue on owl.

There were so many steps in this project and one of the reasons why it took so long for us to finish was because this was very much a project where students kept their own pace.  We all know the work speeds of students vary tremendously! So some of the steps were prolonged to enable other students to catch up. On the 5th day it only took us about ten minutes to finish and then we started on our next project.  For those students who seemed to be waiting for the next step I had a filler activity whether that be a handout or reading they would do and if they still finished that I asked them to help someone who wasn't finished.

Overall I love the results.  I'd like to see what I could do the next go around to make the project go a little quicker. 

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