Tuesday, February 18, 2014

5th Grade Minion Sculptures

This project has been a time consuming process, but let me tell you 5th grade students loved it! I knew I wanted to do some sort of 3D minion project with 5th graders, but didn't know exactly what.  I experimented with quite a few different things before I called upon a coworker to see if he had any ideas.  So he is to credit for this lesson.

This lesson has taken about 4 to 5 classes to finish.  We made the minions out of model magic each time students followed my step by step instructions to make them we worked very closely around a table helping each other out.  It took two classes to make the minions and put them on a wire with a plaster base that I made up ahead of time.  On the 2nd day some students had a little time to start painting.  It has taken students about 2 additional classes to finish painting.  As a finishing touch we added hair with black or purple wire and topped everything off with a clear coat of gloss. 

Here are my examples that I made before we stacked them.  They are about 1 to  2 inches tall.

Here is an image of my finished example.

These photographs did not do justice to the students sculptures.  I tried to get a variety of angles so you can see some of the details.  

Look at that detail.

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