Wednesday, April 1, 2015

2nd Grade Desert Landscapes

As I'm on my way back from New Mexico I felt it only appropriate to share this lesson.  I've just spent the last five days in 90 degrees and sunshine, needless to say I'm SO READY for summer.  If I could grow a cactus in my yard in Nebraska it would already be done.  My sophomore year of high school my job in biology was to water the cactus.  I KNOW, I KNOW easy job right...give it a little sprinkle of water every month or so and done.  Yeah...about that I forgot about it the entire year and needless to say it's end came much shorter than anticipated.

Enough about my glory days of high school and more about the rockstar work of these 2nd graders!  The concept here was space, here is last years lesson where we explored foreground, middleground, and background.  A little magic with some salt and watercolors really sold 2nd graders on this lesson.  

Well I've still got a few days left of Spring Break and I'm going to enjoy every second of it. But first please do enjoy my favorite cacti from my New Mexico vacay.

And to end things on a good note please enjoy this photo for the next several seconds. Does anyone have a thigh master I can borrow? 
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  1. love em, lady! your kiddos did such a great job:) i love cacti and succulents. if ya go to my insta feed you can see this sad guy in front of a couple we have in our front yard- the tallest has gotta be 20 feet tall now! nice backside pic, too;) looks like one of you is holding a deer head...

  2. Did your students use watercolor and then pastel, or did they cut out each cactus?

  3. Did your students use watercolor and then pastel or are the cacti cut out?