Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Steal Like An Artist--6th Grade Clay Looms

I'd consider myself to be what you call "trendy."  I really live life on the edge...I mean you might see me in socks and sandals one day and the next I'm wearing stripes on plaid.  Okay, so maybe our definitions of trendy are different, but I'm definitely not afraid to own a really bad style or trend, or to even try a new one!  But the art trend (which really isn't really a trend, but really popular in which students love) that I just haven't jumped right on board with is weaving.  It seems a little strange means I can make every design of a friendship bracelet and loved making a good God's Eye  in my youth (I used to even sell them at garage sales and lemonade stands).  I just wasn't confident and doing this with my students for some reason--WHICH WAS SO CRAZY OF ME, because I found it to actually be quite simple and fun.  After watching the weave-lovin' Cassie Stephens YouTube video like a trillion times I felt good to go.  Because of my low weaving self confidence, I totally stole this lesson from Beth over at It's Art Day!  Like straight up stole, so thanks Beth!

I used my favorite air-dry clay coloring technique--oil pastels with liquitex clear gloss over top.  This lesson was actually kind of amazing.  I had planned several days for students to do the weaving portion, as I knew it would take some time.  I kid you not, without me asking just about every single 6th grade student (except for like 5) almost begged to work on their project outside of class time. Yeah, that was real life. Amazing.  I was almost getting sick of the students coming down to my classroom to get more yarn!  It was simply awesome to see them so excited about it.  I know this was a rather simple lesson for 6th graders, but prior to my arrival (3 years ago) they only had art once every 16 days, so we still have a little catching up to do in some areas.

Don't forget to steal like an artist:

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  1. Wow! I love your students twist on our lesson. I can't wait to show my students how we collaborate with your classroom.

  2. Love these! I am especially loving the pearl beads and the flashbacks of summer camp that they bring! You are always so inspiring!!

  3. I recently did a version of these too and my kids loved it!! I am so impressed with the different textures and colors your students created. These came out great! :)

  4. This is awesome! Glad to see you are reading Austin Kleon's book. He was my art student in junior high;creative and motivated back then. It is wonderful to see him influencing the world!