Monday, May 25, 2015

What Does A Feeling Look Like?

Believe it or not this lesson creation was inspired by my 3rd grade students.  When we were doing this Georgia O'Keeffe project we watched a Brain Pop video that discussed how she was inspired by colors to express her feelings and moods.  I had some really disappointed 3rd graders when they found out they wouldn't be painting their feelings.  Thus, the creation of this lesson.

To start class we discussed emotions and came up with a long list of different ones, then I went around the room and gave each student an emotion from this list assigned at random.  3rd graders only job was to paint their emotion using only colors, lines, and shapes.  I didn't give the students any restriction of what colors to use, but they had to have at least two and no more than five.  The students loved it, I was so impressed at the thinking involved as students really wanted to portray their emotion.  

The next class we came back and each student picked one color of construction paper that they felt went along with their emotion and did some paper weaving.  The original plan was to have students paint two conflicting emotions and weave those together--but with the end of the school year we simply ran out of time!  Instead, students further embellished their paintings with puffy paint and construction paper.

I absolutely loved this lesson--it was a home run--the 3rd grade crowd went WILD. 











Am I the only one who sees the seahorse on the bottom left?

It's officially summer for me (except for 15 days of summer school--but that's nothing!)  Hang in there as your school year winds down!
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  1. What a Fantastic lesson! I love the incorporation of the weaving. I can definitely see the emotions in each of these categories. So hard to pick a favorite!

    1. This lesson was a lot of fun! The students were definitely excited to work on it each class and so was I!

  2. Wonderful lesson! I love this and have pinned it. Thanks for sharing. Nic Hahn,

  3. Beautiful! What kind of paint did you use?