Monday, June 8, 2015

Things that Fly

1st graders last projects of the school year were all about balance and symmetry.  We started off by talking about the asymmetry of kites when it comes to the patterns and designs.  

 The borders around our kites were just a combination of leftover scraps from the year--never let anything go to waste!  You can tell the students who just threw on random colors and those that took the time to sort through all the colors to create a pattern.

Next up we talked about the symmetry of butterflies and created these simple crayon, watercolor & salt, compositions.

Speaking of others things that fly, as of late I've become quite the birdwatcher.  If you follow me on twitter you might have noticed my obsession as of late with ornithology.  Well guys, it's real.  This bird just HAD TO make a nest on the wreath on the door and torment me.  

I almost died taking this picture.  In order to make this picture a reality I 007-ed and Mission Impossibled this like there was no tomorrow.

Check ya, later peeps. Only 9 more days of summer school and REAL summer begins!
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  1. Just Love your blog! I pinned both the kites and butterflies. I would have never believed that mama bird and nest were real, unless you had gotten the Awesome picture of the baby birds. How do you go in and out of the door without disturbing your new winged friends? :)

    1. There was a sign on the inside of the door that says "DO NOT OPEN"--it worked! because I mean who wants a bird in the house?? It's safe to say that momma bird and I are frenemies.