Wednesday, June 10, 2015

UPDATE: I'm an Empty Nester

Well that day has come, I'm officially an empty nester.  Everybody has flown the nest and have made a new home for themselves somewhere.  I'm yet to find out where, but I certainly hope they come back to visit.

Oh, what did you guys think I was talking about?  If you're confused rightfully so, but check out my previous post and it might make a little more sense.

These guys grew so fast in the mere 10 days that I knew them.  Thank you Rocky and Hermie for letting me be your friend.  You know watch you grow up.  You were pretty ugly at first, actually really ugly at first, but once you sprouted a few feathers you weren't so bad.  I still don't understand why you wouldn't eat the worms I chewed up for you, it did kind of hurt my feelings, but I guess it's okay.

To you Momma Robin: I'm glad to see you go.  You gave me the stink eye as if there was no tomorrow.  If looks could kill, you got me good.  You pooped everywhere and made the front porch a mess.  I only wanted to participate in the growing up of your children so swooping down at me was not very nice. 

Fly free Rocky and Hermie.  I'll catch you later.  But I am glad I can open the front door again.  Come back to visit, as long as you bring me back presents. 

(In other news my Summer School class has been learning all about Art in Motion updates on that shortly, you know after I share some of the end of the year projects and get over my bird depression.  Do you think if I'm sad enough I'll inflict Bird Flu on myself?  Just a thought) 

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