Tuesday, November 26, 2013

6th Grade Keith Haring

6th graders learned about artist Keith Haring. They were fascinated by his artwork and him as a person.  We started off by reading his biography found on the Haring Kids website.  We then took a look at his subway drawings and paintings.  Although, at times some of Keith Haring's images seem to be "weird" the students loved them and it was awesome to see which one's they tried to recreate on their own.

After studying about our artist we started in painting out backgrounds.  Students were asked to come up with an outside themed background; some sort of wall or brick. We used neutral colors to paint them the backgrounds. 

When moving on to drawing Haring's figures, there was a lot of emphasis on motion. Students were to draw 5-6 figures filling the page.  Those students (which are most) who like to draw small found out when it came to cutting their figures out it was a bit challenging.  I had originally wanted students to pick out a color scheme when painting their figures, but because of time and some missed classes I let students go ahead and paint them however they liked.

Here are some of the results:

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