Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kindergarten Winter Landscapes

Kindergarteners made these lovely winter landscapes. To start we drew a line from one side of the paper to the other. We then added the three circles for the snowman.  Students then got a mixture of silver paint with Crayola "Texture It" mixing medium to paint the snowy ground and the snowman.  

Students made trees using a small piece of cardboard. Students watched as I made a straight line from the ground up with black paint and added just a few black branches. Students then made their black branches reemphasizing to stamp the cardboard not slide it. I then added green paint to the paint tray and kindergarteners stamped on more branches. White paint was added to the tray  and students stamped a few white lines to make the trees look "snowy."  Cardboard was discarded and kindergarteners received a q-tip using it first to make the white snow on the background. They used the other end to create the details on the snowman. Lastly, using a white oil pastel students outlined their snowmen and added some orange for the nose. We got this all done in one class!

                                           I love how abstracted some of the trees look. 

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