Friday, January 8, 2016

Value Still Life with a BONUS

I don't know how your students are, but when we get started on a still life project it takes awhile for my students to remember and know what a still life is.  I find it so beneficial for my students to draw from observation, especially as young developing artists.

For this project 7th graders were required to draw from observation.  If they wanted to incorporate something in their drawing it needed to physically be sitting on the table in front of them--no reference photos.  Many students chose to bring in their own objects, but for those that didn't they got to choose from some of the awesome props I keep in my classroom.

As an added bonus, students were to invent an area of their drawing where the color wheel would be incorporated.  So they did get to do a little inventing!

Here are some of the awesome results:

In other news, I started writing for the Art of Ed! Make sure to check out all of the awesomeness they have going on over there, but don't worry I'll still be sharing my classroom happenings here!


  1. These are Great! I love the addition of the color wheel element.

  2. That's so cool - each one is different so it's not boring. It looks like the students had a great time with these!