Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Going Under the Sea in 3rd Grade

Because 2 weeks of vacation isn't enough, with the -30 degree wind chills (BRRRRRR) today, luckily we had a COLD DAY! Snow day, cold day, what have you..I'll take either one.  So on this frigid day I thought I'd share something a little more tropical-esque to warm your innards.  

I've found the best way to teach intermediate colors is not simply just talking and looking at the color wheel, but by doing.  So to create these lovely sea creatures 3rd graders first had to paint loads of intermediate colored paper!  I'm all about texture, so we got the forks and texture tools going.

Students had a choice between creating an octopus or a seahorse.  I guess kids don't really like octopi because EVERYONE chose a seahorse, I would even try to persuade bribe  them into making an octopus for the variety, but that didn't even work!

But still, they are quite beautiful.  Something about the combination of colors and the textured paper is just stunning! What do you think?

Stay warm! I'll be hanging out in my snowflake covered pj's all is rough.

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  1. They did a great job with the intermediate colors - so vibrant and nice organic shapes too!