Sunday, February 1, 2015


Well folks, I've hit a milestone today as I have reached my quarter century life crisis.  (My knees did kind of hurt when I woke up this morning, or maybe that was from my 10 mile run yesterday?)  I'm a big fan of things that come in pairs, 2's, and halves.  I'm not really picky as to how they come, for instance a matching pair of socks? PLEASE.  Life is way to short to match your socks.  I've been a 2 my entire life, you see I was given a twin brother...and yeah I'm older.  He likes to say he was the gentleman and let me out first, but we all really know that I was just the alpha.  

For our Birthday we even met halfway.  I googled this question "What city is halfway between (our two cities)?"  Google actually gave me an exact answer, and by golly we took his advice.  
I must admit, these past 25 years haven't been so bad having to share everything.  In elementary school our teachers would always tell my parents that we fought like an old married couple (and maybe we still do).  BUT it was also awesome because we always got to do our homework together.  As we've grown up we've been able to act like consultants for each other.  Most recently, I've been the art consultant as he purchased and is decorating his new home.  It's been fun as I've been given most of the artistic liberties.  We have very different styles when it comes to our artistic taste so as of late I've been creating pieces that will fill his spaces, all the while making things that I would have not normally done.

I'm a big portrait person, he's into the contemporary/modern type art.  Here's a couple of pieces I have created for his place.  I guess you could say they don't necessarily fit my artistic "style" or "body of work", but I'm making art--that's what matters.

This next one was pretty fun to make and if it weren't for some of the stuff going on in my classroom I wouldn't have even thought to make it.  I was inspired by the Gelli Prints made here, here, and here.  My brother is really into biking so I made and found bicycle stencils to use for this piece.  In lieu of regular paper, I used Nebraska Maps to make the prints.

Here are some close ups. 

All my talk about snow has finally given me some on my birthday (currently at about 8 inches and counting)!! If only it was pushed back a day later so you know...there would be a snow day tomorrow.  That would be the ultimate birthday present.  

Well, my snow boots are on so I've got to go.  I have a snowman to make, snow angels to form, and driveways to scoop.  I'm calling it the Birthday Snowpocalypse of 2015.  Stay warm Nebraska.  


  1. I LOVE the bicycle artwork!! Happy bday :-)

  2. I agree, the bicycle piece is Awesome! Happy Birthday and Congrats on your Rising Star award!