Wednesday, February 25, 2015


How often do you have students reflect upon the artwork that they've made?  I know I certainly don't do it enough.  And when I say reflect, maybe it's telling you about the story or meaning within their project or something they learned OR even something they hated.  

We just started a clay project in 6th grade and the next step would allow a little extra time at the end of class.  I used that extra time as an opportunity for students to reflect and critique the Abandoned Car project we had just finished up by using their iPads to post on their Kidblog account.  

It was fun to see what the students had to say about the story of their car, while others discussed their struggles of the art making process.  As I was reading through some of their posts I realized how helpful it was to me.  These 6th graders were being very honest about some of the things they learned and hated, but it made me reflect on what I could have done differently.  I guess you could say I kind of had an A-HA moment.  

Take a minute to check out what these 6th graders had to say about their art project by clicking this link here.  They sure would love a comment!

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