Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wait a that SNOW??!!

I think it's been settled, I need to turn 25 more often.  TWO SNOW DAYS THIS WEEK!  As I'm currently at home enjoying the snow, fireplace, and coffee I thought it to be fitting to share these guys with you. 

I was inspired by this lesson here, but to be honest I was a little burnt out on snowmen.  So I thought... what would 3rd graders love to make to explore perspective drawing different points of view?  Easy...MINIONS.  For some students it was challenging for them to think about creating the same minion each time, just standing in a different way.  This was also seen when we were using markers to color in, "So if I color this one yellow can I color the next one purple?" It took some of them awhile to grasp this concept.  Nonetheless, I think they are so fun and funny!

I let the students mount their Minions themselves.  I wanted to make sure they were able to position them the way they wanted.  It's funny to see the one's that kind of just slopped it on and the others who took time on positioning their drawings.  

Well, I'm off to enjoy the snow!  And if you were lucky enough to have the day off too (and have a little extra time) head on over to East Art Room and read Tim's interview with me!

Oh yeah, and remember these 5th grade minion sculptures from last year? Check those out too.

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