Wednesday, April 9, 2014

2nd Grade Van Gogh Sunflowers

Have I mentioned that Spring is blooming in the hallways? It's pretty awesome between the classroom teachers and the artwork I've done with the students the HALLWAYS are filled.  It's so fun to walk down the hallway (in this particular school there are two forever long WHITE hallways) and see them filled with lots of color.  I also love overhearing students talking about other students artwork, it's fun to hear the Art Criticism they do on their own without even realizing it. 

Here's a lesson I did with 2nd graders.  I found the inspiration for this lesson here.  We started off the lesson by drawing the vase all together and dividing the table from the background.  I gave them different sizes of circles to trace 6 to be used as the center of the flower.  That was all the drawing we did.  I then handed out to each table a copy of Van Gogh's Sunflowers.  Students were to look at the painting to determine what colors to use with oil pastels. The focus here was seeing color. As you can see some students stayed true to the painting and others decided to do their own thing.  It is fun to see how everyone interprets the same image differently and you can clearly see that here.


  1. Beautiful!! I especially like the one in the first group bottom left.

  2. Really nice work - I especially like the way the negative spaces are used. Lots of individual ideas while learning together.

    1. It was fun to see them come to life! Although, I love how each one is different the students were really testing my patience with parts of the project. I really wanted them to focus on "seeing" the colors and not just using the colors they liked/wanted to use. It was a good indicator of those students who were following instructions versus the students that continued to ask if they could use a particular color just because they liked it.