Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kindergarten Andy Warhol Pop Art Hands

As the school year is winding down (only 20 more school days, but who's counting???!!) this is a project I like to do with kindergarten.  The neon bright colors just make me think summer.  To start the lesson I have the paper folded for students into thirds and in half again, which makes 6 folded squares on the paper.  Students are instructed to trace the hand they DO NOT write with (this always causes some sort of melt down) 6 times, one in each square.  I did this lesson last year and controlled the color choices a little more, this year I just let them go.  I did stress not to have two neighboring squares the same color, for the most part students do a good job at this.  I told them it was okay to use patterns and they did not have to use all the colors on the paint try.  I like to focus on brush control in this lesson, having students very carefully and slowly paint around their fingers.  They start off by painting the squares first, hands second, and lastly (IF they are following instructions and making the right choices) I allow students to paint their hand to stamp in each square.

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