Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Kindergarten Flower Collages aka Scissor Endurance

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of trying to get things done (especially with the primary kiddos) I forget about some important things.  In general, I don't do many projects where students have to cut and glue.  I think because I am a painter, I forget about some other processes and develop the curriculum on what I love and really love to teach.  I noticed the other day that my kindergarteners were having so many problems cutting.  So with that I dedicated an entire project to cutting and gluing.  On the first day of the lesson we prepped by painting paper and adding texture with forks and texture combs.  The next class I gave them two different sizes of petals and leaves to trace around and cut.  That was it, simple right? Wow, no. I guess these kids just don't cut that often, or have really learned how.  Many of them were holding scissors incorrectly and I was getting constant complaints of "my hands tired." Looks like we'll have to build up some endurance, so next year those 1st graders better watch out, Schukei Scissorhands is coming in full force. 

I'm also amazed how many of them looked like this. Not that it's wrong, but it is so very interesting to see students critical thinking and processing skills at work.


  1. I love the texture with the fork, I would have never thought of that!!!

    1. I live for textured and painted paper. I mainly use tempera paint with the younger students and of course it dries so fast that the texture tools don't work!