Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Countdown is at ONE!!!!!

Everybody, the last day of school is TOMORROW! As I'm entering in on the daunting task of taking everything down, cleaning, and putting it all away (phewww, I'm exhausted just thinking about it, that's why I need to sit down and take a little break).

  For the most part at the beginning of the year I put up bulletin boards and they stay up all year.  Well way back in August I stopped in at my local Hobby Lobby and swung by the fabric area and spotted a pattern of  all different mustaches.  I saw it and knew I had to use.  I mean it's not like the kids are obsessed with mustaches or anything....

So I went with the mustache theme "I mustache you a question?"  and let me tell you I didn't know it would be such a success.  Each week I would add one or two art related questions to the board.  Varying in topics such as "did you know that Ninja Turtles were named after artists?" or "when was the first selfie ever taken?" to a specific question about a particular artist. Students would flip the card and the answer would be on the inside.  It was fun to see the kids come in and immediately want to know what the new question of the week was.  I know we all have those students that have to get a drink or go to the bathroom every 5 minutes for the sake of just getting up, and this really did well in serving that purpose.  It was awesome, when someone needed a marker they'd get up, stop read a few questions, sit down, and tell their friend the new art fact they had learned.  It was nice to have a functional bulletin board that actually served a purpose and wasn't used to just make things look "pretty."  

I apologize for Mona Lisa's glare, she's laminated.

And now I'll spend my summer thinking of something to top it.

I'm already pondering......

The best part of this was that ALL YEAR LONG kindergarteners would ask me how did I have and what happened to my mustache.  The answer was always simple: "I shaved."



  1. We have 15 more school days, man oh man am I getting antsy!! Also I love this bulletin board!

  2. Do you happen to have these facts and questions you could share? We have daily announcements and I would like to do something like this for YAM on announcements.