Tuesday, May 27, 2014

5th Grade African Animals

Who's having the best year ever? I'd say 5th grade hands down.  This year every single project we did in 5th grade was AWESOME.  Now, I'm not saying all of the other projects I did with the other grades weren't, but overall in 5th grade everyone enjoyed the projects, learned a lot, and were extremely successful in both the process and final product.  

Here are links to the projects we did this year:

And to end the year students finished with this African Animal project.  I think this now tops my list of favorite art projects to do/teach.

We spent quite a few classes on them 4-5.  It was a very independent project, but there were endless possibilities.  Students created a border and used a packet I put together to help with the patterns.  I then put together about a 20 page packet of different animals.  To narrow it down I picked animals you would find in Africa, but of course there were always a few exceptions.  I did require students to use an animal from the packet, but they had about 50 different one's to choose from.  Some of the images in the packet were step by step how to draw, some where just clip art, and some were just of animal heads.  Students could choose how they wanted to show the animal.  Using oil pastels student filled in the entire thing. On the portion where the animal was I required students to overlap with at least two oil pastels or more on every single part.

I love these.  I think they are so cool.  These are just a small sample of the drawings 5th graders made, but I had to share a lot because they are SO AWESOME.

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