Monday, May 5, 2014

Richard Simmons Called, He Wants His Outfit Back

How are you celebrating the nice weather? Wednesday is supposed to be a ripe 93 degrees here in Nebraska, wow July came fast. But really once May rolls around I turn on full summer mode, well that is at least after the first Sunday in May.  When I was in college I started running the Lincoln National Guard Half Marathon and within these past five years it has just become a tradition.  Talk about a fun environment with approximately 10,000 runners, people from all 50 states, and people you don't know lined up along the streets of Lincoln, Nebraska cheering you on, it's pretty awesome. A few years ago I was able to rope in my twin brother to do it with me.  He's the runner of the family, the cross country kid, and me well I used to cry thinking about running a mile. 

This year we decided to get matching twin outfits, you know like our mom used to make us wear until we were like twelve, five. 
I thought they were too good not to share.

I don't know about you, but I kind of dig the Richard Simmons look.  

***running shorts found at they are the best, I own multiple pairs***

Or as my brother said "Went on a little jog today with the twin...decided to invite America along as well."

We're the spitting image……right?  Next year I'll invest in a bedazzler. 

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